A presentation, conversation, and demonstration around the vast and beautiful world of everything Anal for all genders.

The class will open with a root chakra awakening practice, followed by lecture and facilitator demonstration.

We will explore topics of root yoga, healing, transmuting grief and trauma, shamanic ecstasy, cultural history of anal sex, continuous root orgasm, erasing taboos, hygiene, toys, the mighty prostate, health benefits, beginners opening, accessing the heart through root penetration, anal kink, etc.

Participants will be clothed throughout the entire class.

Please note: Brian is not currently being invited to teach due to multiple reports from women that he is unsafe and unqualified. The original class description is preserved here as submitted.


About Christina and Brian

Christina is co-facilitating with Brian Winslett at Touch and Play Asheville. As potent lovers and co-parents, the collaborative work that Christina and Brian Winslett bring is powerfully and playfully supporting a world that cultivates our greatest collective embodiment potential; exploring how our erotic consciousness connects to healing this living planet and our humanity.

Ever exploring the art of humanness, Christina Sunshine fully embodies her roles as intimacy coach, sex educator, mother, dancer, lover, kinky explorer, eco activist, playmate, gender fluid primal human, and animal. She offers intimacy education and embodied healing sessions to individual clients, couples, and groups. Her work covers a vast array of intimate channels, from subtle energy to dominant power, with the intention of supporting people to activate alive empowerment in their bodies as a healing force in these times. Drawing from her studies & trainings in Yoga Therapy, Tantra, Nonviolent Communication, Sex Positive Sex Ed, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv, Ecosexuality, Sustainability, and Equine therapy, she creates grounded, conscious containers where participants can safely explore their intimate connections to self, earth, and others.

Please note: Brian is not currently being invited to teach due to multiple reports from women that he is unsafe and unqualified. The original bio is simply preserved here as submitted.

Brian Winslett brings 10+ years of passionate teaching experience; offering his articulate voice and accessible style to facilitating experiential sessions, ceremony, classes, and workshops on a variety of his passionate studies and trainings, including yoga, intuitive somatic healing, tantra, shamanism, grief ritual, permaculture, environmental sciences, spiritual eroticism, dance, contact improv, NVC, kink, bdsm, sexual science, social activism, entheogens, massage, nutritional science, and herbalism. His facilitation is rich with research knowledge of subject material coupled with an enthusiastic articulate voice fused with a deeply heart centered approach, intuitively reading participants and adapting his approach in real time for each session/ class. Brian is co-facilitating with Christina Sunshine at Touch & Play Asheville. As partners, co-parents, lovers, and facilitators, collaborations between Brian and Christina Sunshine have guided many as these two offer their ecstatic science-based mystical fusion of potent, deep, and often edgy medicine content.