Rope binds.

Rope contains.

Rope stimulates.

In this session we will play with how to lead and surrender to the art and beauty of body bondage.

Shibari is the elegant but easy Japanese technique that combines sensuality with empowerment— whether you give or receive. If you can maintain eye contact and tie your shoelaces, come on in!

Don’t worry, rope and instruction will be provided.

About Giles

Giles Carwyn is a licensed Shadow Work® Facilitator and Coach who specializes in human sexuality. He is the co-creator of the Eros Work Sexuality and Shadow program, the Men’s Sexual Shadow Transformation Weekend, and Afternoon Delight: Conscious Sensually Party with Iona Jones. He identifies as a poly, kinky, pansexual, service top, switch, snarky, romantic, love/sex/intimacy/spirituality nerd. He is also a novelist, screenwriter, husband, father, and leader in the Asheville, NC ManKind Project.