Speakeasy: (noun) An illicit establishment
Burlesque: (noun) – A literary or dramatic work that seeks to ridicule by means of grotesque exaggeration or comic imitation of the dignified. Also a theatrical entertainment consisting of short turns comic skits, and sometimes striptease acts.

SpeakEasy Burlesque is a mysterious and forbidden order of society in which we explore power, pleasure and play through sensual movement and erotic expression.

Burlesque is extreme parody, emotional storytelling and extravagant striptease. Together we explore classic and modern genres of burlesque movement and archetypes, working with props, clothing and our own bodies. Utilizing playful and creative prompts, partner work and group energy play, we uncover our own primal erotic personas. We indulge in our own self expression, confidence, freedom and power.

We will find the extravagant, dramatic and emotional range of our storytelling and subtext.

We will explore the building blocks of burlesque freestyle, “Sensual Core Flow”
We will explore stage presence, subtext and seduction
We will explore playful prompts and signature Burlesque archetypal exercises
We will explore advanced striptease and energy play
We will explore the emotional range of movement expression
We will explore primal creature play and our animal instincts
We will explore opposition, tension and subtext as they attract in motion

About Shay Au Lait


Shay Au Lait is a burlesque and movement instructor leading classes, workshops, events, and retreats worldwide for wicked and wayward souls looking to fully integrate their innocence and their darkness. She has cultivated a mysterious and forbidden order of society that explores power, pleasure, and play.

With 9 years of pole dance and striptease experience, 7 years of Fetish and BDSM exploration and 18 years of Event and Stage Production, Shay is a powerful and seductive force to be reckoned with. She considers herself a fellow siren of the same bloodline of Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt, and Pearl Bailey.

She has since performed for production companies, showcases, festivals, burlesque shows, drag shows, and private & public events nationwide including venues such as The Howard Theatre, House of Blues New Orleans, Union Transfer Philadelphia, Headliners Music Hall, Santos Party House, Madame X and Baltimore Soundstage. Previous professional experiences include being a founding member of the freestyle pole dancing company, Pole Speak, former resident Burlesque Dancer for The Sweet Spot, a Pop Erotica touring burlesque variety show traveling to 35+ cities quarterly, as well as a commission pole aerialist for Humanitarian, Real Estate Developer and CEO Matthew Blesso.