What are authentic ways to ferment our queer bodies in a radical, self-sustainable way?

This offering focuses on queerness in motion and stillness with the idea of fermentation process.

Weaving Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation and Butoh elements together, we will turn our queer bodies into a utopia for memories and dreams. It is a perfect opportunity for our bodies to get to know more about our “culture” and “mother” and ferment as a collective organism in a darker, quieter place.



About Ryuta

Ryuta Iwashita (they/them) is a New Orleans based facilitator, educator and movement/performance artist from Japan. With their fundamental practice of Contact Improvisation and Butoh, Ryuta often envisions their teaching to be flavored with memories of nostalgia, magic-making in disorientation and intuitive order and disorder. As a facilitator, they have been hosting Contact Improvisation jams and workshops in New Orleans, and they have been invited to facilitate workshops for Contact Improvisation and dance Improvisation in Japan, China and the U.S. including Tulane University, Seattle Festival of Dance Improv, West Coast CI Jam and several Earthdance programs. Their current interest is to imagine the pouring rain outside is actually not rain but green tea.