Event Ticket

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The Event Ticket includes attendance to all elements of the event and food for the event:

  • one of the two intensives
  • afternoon classes/activities
  • evening activities
  • three excellent balanced meals for the duration (vegan & diet restriction options available).

Please review the schedule for more information.

The event is a closed container event. You must be present for the opening on Thursday morning to attend the rest of the event. Event ticket sales are final. No refunds. Transfers can be arranged if needed.

We have three Tiers of event prices in order to help make the event more available to diverse income ranges while still making sure the event is financially sustainable. There is no difference in what is included, only in what is paid. Our budget is dependent on a percentage of participants paying at each tier, including the Full Price.

If you are able to pay for a higher priced tier, and/or donate to the diversity fund, it will help fund people to attend who may otherwise be unable, as well as help compensate intensive, class and event teachers/facilitators, and organizers more fairly for their substantial energy and time investments.

Tier 1 *sold out*
Tier 2 *sold out*

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