Diversity Fund Contribution

Suggested Price: $25.00

Touch&Play aims to encourage a diverse community of dancers and somatic visionaries to explore play, vulnerability and building community with embodied, emotional, and erotic intelligence. We have created this scholarship to better include and support the participation of individuals belonging to an underrepresented and/or marginalized group, including people of color, trans, queer and non-binary identified people.
Help defray costs for people of color, LGBTQ or other underrepresented participants who need financial assistance in order to attend.
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Please read our mission and vision and goals around inclusivity below

If you would like to apply or know more about our inclusivity and diversity scholarship, please view the application page.
Thanks for any donation no matter how small or large that you are able to help out with!


Touch&Play Asheville Mission and Vision

We welcome a diverse community of dancers and somatic visionaries. This is a festival about play, vulnerability, and building community with embodied, emotional, and erotic intelligence.

It takes courage, compassion and integrity to authentically witness and be witnessed in the intimacy of sharing one’s truth. What seeds of truth are emerging from us, individually and as a community this spring? It takes discernment and responsive inquiry to choose which seeds to nurture and cultivate, and which to weed out. Our bodies house the roots of our lineages and the tender shoots of the futures we create. How can we learn to better tend to ourselves, each other and the lush, diverse garden of our community?

This is a space to explore our personal, tribal, and societal desires! What can dance, somatics, tantra, kink, Contact Improvisation, and communication practices contribute to our intimacy?

Come ready to cultivate, express, and feel your desires. Let’s get compassionate and curious about intimacy, sexuality, consent, emotions, gender, privilege, race, power dynamics and inclusivity. There’s an emerging expansion of leadership in the U.S. to better include women, trans, non gender conforming, and people of color. There’s a growing community of people practicing new models of intimacy. We are shifting from an era of sexual abuse to an era of sexual liberation with accountability. What can we, as a festival of dancers, discover and contribute to these cultural shifts?

Diversity and Inclusivity Goals

We want our teachers to be 80% people of color and/or identify as nonbinary and/or LGBTQ.

We want to only work with white cis teachers who share our vision and values.

We want at least 30% of our participants to be people of color, and/or identified as queer, or non gender conforming (ngc) who are new to our community.

We want people returning to our community to see value in expanding our community and to delight in welcoming new people by contributing money and being part of sharing the invitation to new people