We gather nude under the sky to worship and ornament each other with a myriad of natural materials, including clay, pigments, moss, seeds, and grasses collected from the land. Dyads will take turns being thoroughly adored and adorned by their partner. With devoted presence, as if ceremonially preparing each other for a wedding with themselves, we engage nature in an attuned conversation with bodily experience. Together we create a nurturing, playful space to connect with Earth and be at home in our primal skins among our kindred. Photographic documentation and portraiture of our transformational process will continue throughout the workshop.

About Arulu

Arulu is an emissary of arcane wisdom, an inspired dreamer, and artist of many media. Guided by a powerful internal compass, she reverently weaves a mythos that honors the sacred relationship between people and the natural world. Arulu invites participation in the evolution of a culture steeped in celebration of mystery, in which creative collaboration supports the harmonization of humanity’s capacity for awareness, sensation, and care.