Sexual desires, behaviors and identities that challenge social approval, giving you the opportunity to explore your courage, shame, pleasure and liberation.

~Zahava Griss, Are You Ready for Liberation?

Our desire and pleasure can come in many shapes and forms.

At Touch&Play we encourage ourselves and each other to step into the exploration and full expression of who we are and what we want – always in a context of consent and being at choice.

The spectrum of kink and what might be someone’s turn-on is as expansive as the human imagination, from BDSM practices to eco-sexuality, tickle-play, food-play, predator/prey play, all sorts of fetishes…anything in life can be a turn-on.

The four day closed container gives us a chance to establish a framework for consent and communication, so we can delve into those parts of ourselves that challenge social approval – so that we can explore our courage, shame, please and liberation!

As we say “Yes!” to our authentic turn-ons, we are and healing a lineage of mistrust, replacing it with choice, creativity and shame resilience.