What is it to be human, to be animal? This explorative container is a timeless space where constructs that bind us to identity may be reorganized. We gather to engage in embodied conversation with the diverse and wild characters that reside within each of us. We welcome freedom of the flesh, to bare our skins in a nurturing and playful space to connect with each other and Earth in collaborative creation and movement. An array of natural materials, including clay paint, will be provided for adornment. You are invited to draw upon infinity for inspiration to reincarnate in deeper relation with oneself. Affirmation and praise in belonging will be strongly emphasized.

About Arulu

Arulu ProfileArulu is an emissary of arcane wisdom, an inspired dreamer, and wildly curious artist of many media. Guided by a powerful internal compass, she reverently weaves a living mythos that honors the sacred relationship between people, Earth, and spirit. Creation is a prayerful practice for Arulu. She designs custom natural clothing, and holds space as a ceremonial tattooist. Her work is meditatively woven with threads of sublime, dream-inspired imagery, combining raw and refined elements in an intuitively precise way that conjures a profound sense of devotion. Arulu invites participation in the evolution of a culture steeped in celebration of mystery, in which collaboration supports the harmonization of humanity’s capacity for awareness, sensation, and care. She resides in Black Mountain, North Carolina, engaged with the overlapping and coevolving landscapes of community and creativity.