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About Tarik

Tarik profileTarik Carey, RYT is a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and guided meditation guru. Tarik’s journey began when he was told by a respected medium that he was a healer. Shortly thereafter, he was guided to begin his training in Reiki and Yoga.

In 2016, Tarik took a yoga class after being invited by a friend who happened to be teaching that morning . It just took one class…and he was hooked. He started out with the more intense yoga styles – Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. However over time, he grew to appreciate the tremendous mental benefits of yoga, and found value in the slow and mindful movements of Yin Yoga. Always trying new poses, he is intrigued by arm balances and inversions .

Tarik’s work is spiritually guided, heart centered, and targeted specifically to the individual needs and desires of each client during the session.

Tarik completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training in December 2018 with Gratitude World Yoga & Wisemind Spiritual Warrior School and currently teaches Yoga and Meditation at WiseMind Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness Center in Cary, NC.