Grounded Rope Art is a practice that uses movement and the sensory experience of rope to explore connection, consent, embodiment, and holding space. This collaborative play with rope can be like dancing or partnered yoga, because it focuses on communication and attunement.

In this playshop we will experiment with 3 or 4 different decorative designs that beautifully compliment the human form. You will be invited to find groups of two or three people for practice. Much like a social dance or cuddle party, we ask consent before tying together. Self-tying is always welcome if you prefer to play alone.

About Janae

Janae Roberts Bio PicJanae Elisabeth (she/them) is an autistic activist, researcher, and storyteller. She facilitates trauma-informed educational events to inspire deeper embodied awareness and shared understanding of how our nervous systems work. They teach through story, song, dance, and other collaborative art forms, with a particular focus on rewriting stories that create shame and releasing scripts of unworthiness.