There are few other human sexual behaviors that have such a legacy of fear and culturally/religiously/socially imposed story as masturbation does. It has been pathologized, demonized, punished and shamed in as many ways as we can imagine. What if we began to engage our habitual wank as a means of directly imprinting pleasure into a brain that is biologically wired to overlook it? What if we began to create new neural pathways and brain structure by doing something we already do but with more focused attention? Few things are more intensely pleasurable to the human body and brain than the sensation of sexual arousal and the delicious cascade of hormones and neuro-chemicals that come with it.

About Juliana

Juliana BioJuliana, the creatress of Boldly Embodied, is a pleasure activist, Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and birth worker. She is the mother of two wonderful wild children and supports people to source themselves deeply in the joy and power of their sexuality so that they can tend to themselves and the future generations with fiercely embodied Love. She lives in Southern Vermont where she has a private practice and lifelong apprenticeship with the wild and poetic wisdom of the body. To learn more about Juliana’s work please visit: