We invite the opportunity to explore our identities and behaviors related to gender with the intention of creating healing and liberation in our relationship to ourselves and each other.

Socialization of gender has profound and hidden impacts on our identity and person. There are layers upon layers of multifaceted cultural beliefs associated with gender, and gender in relation to nearly every facet of life – from the body to speech, work to hobbies and art. Gender connects with socialized power dynamics, value judgments, and often a host of default assumptions.

How can we understand our lenses and notice those hidden assumptions? How can we dance with those socially re-enforced power structures and practice that alchemy of changing them?

Touch&Play is a container for this (and may other) explorations through dance, art, connection and community.  All participants, most especially the teachers and facilitators, support and are likely actively engaged in this exploration and discovery. 

Playing with Gender: Energetic Sex in the Dance

Headline Facilitator Zahava Griss is offering the workshop “Playing with Gender: Energetic Sex in the Dance” (more info on that workshop coming soon!). Z holds a powerful space for exploration and transformation. They have offered other their workshop Exploring Gender and Power through Dance in Asheville and around the world. Z is also a co-author of the books Queer Magic and Sacred Body Wisdom.