As each of us is attuned with their own psychic metabolism, the intimacy dance salon will evolve; creatively dancing to our unusual and unknown ways, exposing as in a Dionysian game who we are. Meeting each other in a penumbra, border dances are invited, dances that listen to what the body can say if we allow it…
We will dance practicing a shamanic principle: learning how to use our attention to be aware of subtle perceptions and to manifest unusual facets of being. Listening and fully recognizing who we are being, will allow us to expand the sensations that are below the surface of our recognition –increasing them.

About Maybel

Maybel Profile PicA Latin-American transdisciplinary artist, poet, community visionary, teacher, creator’s counselor, dancer, healer, facilitator and ritual maker. She has learned in Universities as well as from teachers who hold ancient traditions. Maybel currently studies with Malidoma Patrice Some learning Indigenous Spiritual African Technologies. She is also a member of the Venezuelan group Centro del Movimiento Creador (CMC) as well as the Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) community based in Brooklyn and training in Somatic Sex Education. Maybel operates as the co-director of CAMP in Mexico (, opening 2020, while creating and facilitating workshops with Dark Odyssey, Burning Man, Connection Camp and Touch&Play. She is committed to gestating experiences that outline our impact as creators of our lives while placing awareness on the dynamics that bind us together. Maybel uses a dynamic mixture of body intelligence, art, ancestral, mystical, and systemic focuses to create innovative experiences that expand the mind, body, and spirit. As co-director, Maybel knows the importance of giving positive feedback and thinking through with the people involved in a project as a fundamental step to moving forward.