Together we’ll disarm and re-vivify “gang-bangs”- examining personal associations, taboos, and diverse cultural significance.

Once the term feels pliable, we’ll offer a possible model for approaching and exploring this often-stigmatized sexual/emotional constellation in a safe and life-nourishing way.

Through group discussion, embodied exercises and role-playing we’ll playfully ease into the energies that are activated by this way of coming (or cumming?) together.

Working in larger groups, we’ll explore the potentialities that this form holds for building community resilience and integrity by being witnessed and loved in a fuller range of expressions and desires. Open to all levels of experience, we’ll introduce concepts that participants are welcome to explore further outside of class.



About Casey and Christos

Casey Loomis is a performer, visual artist, teacher/facilitator & shapeshiftress who has spent the last 10 years dancing professionally in NYC. She teaches dance and Pilates with a somatic sensitivity and a colorful exuberance. She believes in the power of clear communication, stripped of power-over dynamics, and to that end has studied nonviolent communication intensively. Casey is passionate about the work of Touch & Play and looks forward to bringing a sense of permission and playfulness to the workshops as well as holding this space and its participants with reverence.

Christos Galanis has been exploring improv and movement for over twenty years, navigating the intersections of dance, nature, art, sexuality, race, gender, and community in both North American and Europe through his teaching, research, and art-making. He’s currently a PhD candidate in Cultural Geography at the University of Edinburgh, where his academic research praxis centres on both Native American and European Indigenous qualities of embodied relationship with Land/Spirit/Body through movement, ritual, and artistic practice. He is passionate and excited for exploring the potential for somatic/improv practices as tools for decolonizing relationships with Land/Spirit/Body.