Emerging Seeds 2020 Core Organizers

Julia Taylor – Curation Team Lead

Founding organizer of Asheville Touch&Play, Julia Taylor is an artist and pleasure activist whose community leadership focuses on creating opportunities for embodied liberation, empowerment and creative expression. Driven by her desire for authentic trans-personal and communal healing, her work combines somatic awareness with devotion to equity work, transformative justice, consent culture and building communication skills. Long time contact improviser and CI teacher, she has been a leader in Asheville dance and movement scene for over 15 years. Since moving with her husband and two young children to Earthaven Ecovillage in the summer of 2015, she has been dedicated to cultivating a vibrant culture of art and dance and ceremony within and without that community. 


Michael Hurd

Bio & photo coming soon!

CJ O’Reilly – Producer

CJ is a passionate dancer and community organizer aiming to make art of life, and life an art. CJ sees the culture and practices of Touch&Play as a significant pathway to self connection and connection with other, and that as a fundamental antidote to the apathy and injustices endemic in the world today.

CJ yearns for a world where dance and expression are commonplace and taken for granted, rather than a spectacle. CJ organizes a number of communities and projects which approach that goal from various angles.