A class for anyone interested to learn more about anal pleasure. All levels of experience welcome. A discussion, a ceremony, and a self exploration. Topics will cover all aspects of anal play; erasing taboos, releasing shame, accessing grief, transforming homophobia, enhancing pleasure, health benefits, and the baby steps to opening your heart through your ass for beginners, and how anal play can bring world peace. Ceremony will be held to release taboos and shame around anal ecstasy, with a live demo. Then participants will have time for verbally guided self exploration, and conclude with sharing experiences and Q/A.

About Christina

Christina SunshineChristina Sunshine is an intimacy coach, sex educator, dancer, lover, kinky explorer, eco activist, parent, primal playmate, and gender fluid humanimal.

She offers intimacy education and healing sessions to individual clients, couples, and groups with the intention of supporting people of all genders, and our culture as a whole to activate our life energy power and potential as a healing force in these times. Drawing from her studies & training in Yoga Therapy, Tantra, Nonviolent Communication, Sex Positive Sex Ed, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv, Ecosexuality, Primitive Skills, and Sustainability, she creates grounded, conscious containers where participants can safely explore their intimate connections to self, earth, and others. The work that Christina brings is powerfully and playfully lending its part in generating a world that operates on our greatest collective potential of embodiment, including how we presence erotic consciousness in connection with our great planetary paradise and the healing of our human hearts and intimate connections.